About ten years ago, it occurred to me that my father’s experience of fleeing North Korea as a war refugee in 1951 would make an interesting basis for a novel. Family history + research + imagination = completed novel. Easy peasy! Ha!

Since then, I’ve quit my job, gone to writing school, found a different job. Multiple drafts of the novel later, I’m much more realistic about the time, effort, talent, and dedication it takes to write a book. I’m humbled, but also more committed than ever.

In addition to reading and writing, I blog here about the rest of my life: work, faith, travel, photography, parenting, and the San Francisco Giants.

The formal stuff: I hold an MFA from Warren Wilson College, an MA in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union, and a BA in English from UC Berkeley. I’ve been awarded residencies at Ucross, Ragdale, and Hedgebrook, and am a member of the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.

The working title of my novel is The Letter Writer, the first chapter of which appeared in the Indiana Review.

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Sugar Detox – Day 3

I’m feeling fine, except…I woke up today (the last day of the 3-day detox) dreaming of chocolate peanut butter cups. Tomorrow begins Week 1 of the detox. For the next seven days, I will be adding each day: 1 apple (not just any fruit — apples are recommended because they are relatively low sugar and …


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